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Tamsil Shahezad Khan
Tamsil Shahezad Khan
Tamsil Shahezad Khan 0.0
  • Editor-In-Chief
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Tamsil Shahezad Khan is a distinguished figure in the realm of journalism and media, renowned for his multifaceted roles as the Editor-In-Chief of REPORTLINE, National Editor at Global Times, and Chairman of the International News Media Council. His career is marked by a steadfast commitment to truth and social justice, which began in his early days as a correspondent and has since blossomed into a legacy of impactful journalism.

Khan's editorial leadership at REPORTLINE has been pivotal in its rise as a globally recognized news organization, where his dedication to objective reporting and insightful coverage of international affairs is evident. His journalistic excellence has earned him the Associated Press Media Editors Journalism Excellence Award in 2018, highlighting his editorial expertise and adherence to the highest standards of the profession.

Beyond his editorial achievements, Khan is an acclaimed filmmaker and producer, bringing stories to life through the powerful medium of film. His work as a United Nations accredited journalist and a verified member of the Muckrack Editorial Team underscores his influence and credibility in the field.

With bylines in prestigious outlets such as BBC, The News, Al Jazeera, Forbes, and BuzzFeed, Khan's voice resonates across various platforms, shaping public discourse and informing global audiences. His vision for the future of journalism is one that embraces social media to foster real conversations and drive positive change, making him a true vanguard of the industry and an inspiration to aspiring journalists worldwide.



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