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Submit your film through WFCN - World Film Communities Network

WFCN (World Film Communities Network) is an integrated platform for festival submission and professional networking. It was launched earlier in 2020 by a group of film enthusiasts. The idea was to break the impending monopoly in the film festival submission market. Within a month of it’s launch, hundreds of film festivals joined WFCN. WFCN is one of the fastest growing global film festival portals on the web right now.

The idea behind WFCN is to have an open market where Film Festivals have direct access to Filmmaker’s Database and Film Database as well. This way, there is no secrecy involved. Film Festivals can directly invite films to submit to them. The Platform is completely free for both festivals and filmmakers. Festivals need to pay a nominal commission fee if they accept submission fees.

WFCN boasts about the lowest commission fee among all the film festival portals out there. It’s 5% for all the festivals regardless of anything. WFCN does not believe in exclusivity and treats every festival as the same. WFCN provides a public listing to the festivals from the very first day. Unlike other portals, WFCN has a diverse range of festivals, thematically and geographically. It has festivals from Asia, Europe and USA. WFCN provides customer support around the clock. WFCN even promote the festivals regularly for free.

Built in Social Media Platform is WFCN’s power move towards other film festival submission platforms. It is very easy to use and does not incur any charges from the filmmakers. Anybody can use it and they keep updating new features every other week. Signing up is simple with a few easy steps. It’s greatly beneficial to Film Professionals for professional networking as well. One can connect with other film professionals to connect, collaborate and create.

How to Work with our Global Film Festival Submission Service

  1. Sign up as a Festival Curator, Film Submitter, Film Professional or a Film Lover.
  2. Add your Project by filling out a short form. There is no need to upload your film directly to WFCN. Simply, provide an online screener (a Vimeo, Google Drive or Youtube link)
  3. Explore Festivals in the Festivals Section and submit your film.
  4. Submit your film to as many festivals as you want.
  5. You can ask for discount codes from festivals using WFCN’s direct Chat facility.

Advantages on Submitting Your Project to WFCN

  1. Festivals have access to the filmmaker’s database for free.
  2. Festivals can invite as many films as they want.
  3. Festivals get a public listing since Day 1
  4. They get free promotion every week.
  5. Submitters can live chat with festivals directly on WFCN and vice versa.
  6. In-built Social Network to promote festivals and professional networking.
  7. The services are completely free.
  8. Regular communication from the platform’s side.
  9. The website interface is smooth and easy to navigate.
  10. 24/7 Technical Support