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5 Most Successful Genres Of Independent Film

An independent film which very different from mainstream commercial movies, in terms of structure, themes, fundamentals, and so on. Independent movies have many styles and genres, among which some are more popular than others. Today let us discuss about those genres in detail:

Let us start with:

1.Action movie

In most circumstances, an action movie needs a strong inciting incident or an initial motive for violence, such as retaliation, murder, abduction, etc. The movie's "heroes" demand that the audience supports them and support their cause. This genre contains a lot of predetermined guidelines that must be fulfilled. It serves as a platform for numerous celebrities to make their debuts. Without huge stars, riveting feature films can still be produced by having a solid plot, strong characters, and competent directing.

2.Horror Movie

The horror subgenre has to be the most popular independent subgenre ever. These indie films heavily rely on a spooky environment and the element of surprise. In this instance, the script does not need to be flawless. Since the correct effect may be produced with little to no funding, well-made horror independent films don't lag too far behind professional horror films. In fact, independent films might be among the scariest. A number of films, including "It Follows," "The Blair Witch Project," and others have had a significant impact on the film industry and reached a wide audience.

3.Science Fiction Movie

The methods used in action/horror movies and sci-fi movies are very similar. The main problem is that it can be difficult to develop a sci-fi plot that doesn't necessitate many expensive effects, costumes, etc. It is well accepted in a few of the top film festivals like sundance, Berlin International Film Festival, etc.

4.Comedy Movie

A strong script and competent production are essential for any film in this genre to succeed. A cast of known actors and directors is not a must for creating great comedies because films of this genre are heavily reliant on dialogue and the depiction of funny incidents. The issue is that humour is really relative and isn't always broadly and universally appreciated. It is a genre that is frequently "all or nothing," therefore movies that are merely somewhat amusing or inconsistently hilarious do not succeed.

5.Drama Movie

Without a star-studded cast, it is quite challenging to draw in a big audience for movies of this kind. Drama is ranked last because even the well-made ones frequently struggle and don't get enough credit.


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