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50 Film Festivals With Entry Fee- A must know for an indie filmmaker.

Just making a good movie is not enough in this era, you need to able to market your film well, if you want your work to be recognized. And what better and easier ways to market your film, than submit it to the best film festivals of the world. Film Festivals are one place where every genre and every topic is welcomed. No matter how big budget, or low-budget your movie is, the only thing that matters here is hard work, creativity, passion and dedication.

But this is also true submitting your movie at some of the best film festivals does not come without a price. As a to get your films filmmaker you have to pay a certain amount screened at their event. But there are certain aspects that you have to consider before fully rejecting the idea of paying.

a) Film Festivals offer an engaged crowd and an opportunity to have individuals see your work.

b) These ongoing and upcoming film festivals are great place for connecting with different people.

c) Being acknowledged into one celebration will likewise help your possibilities being acknowledged in the future, as celebrations frequently prefer to invite their movie producers back into the indefinite future.

Now that you are convinced, let us stat the 50 names of the top film festivals which is worth your every penny.

  1. Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
  2. Brandenburg International Film Festival
  4. Spring Film Festival Of Kerala (SFFK)
  5. HYP Fest
  6. International Open Film Festival
  7. Script Mind Film Festival
  8. Rénfronation Global Film Festival\
  9. American Filmatic Arts Awards
  10. San Diego Underground Film Festival (SDUFF)
  11. Omaha Film Festival
  12. Maryland International Film Festival
  13. Austin Revolution Film Festival
  15. Utsav International Film Festival
  16. Phoenix Film Festival
  17. Golden Door International Film Festival
  18. American Documentary and Animation Film Festival and Film Fund (AmDocs)
  19. BangkokThai International Film Festival
  21. Jaipur International Film Festival-JIFF
  22. Stop Motion Film Festival
  23. Author Film Festival
  24. London International Film Festival
  25. The Women's Voices Now Film Festival
  27. National Tourism Short Film Festival
  28. Spain International Film Festival
  29. Vindhya International Film Festival Madhya Pradesh 2020
  30. Anubhav International Film Festival Season 20
  31. Florida Beach International Film Festival Season 19
  32. Indigenous Film Retreats
  33. Palm Springs International ShortFest
  34. Shortya Film Festival
  35. Hollywood Academy Film Awards
  36. Globe International Film Festival
  37. Festival de Cine Oro Negro
  38. Waikiki Beach International Film Festival 15th Edition
  39. Global Cinefest of Lisbon
  40. Palm Springs International Short Fest
  41. Miami Film Festival
  42. World Film Festival
  43. Mumbai Entertainment International Film Festival
  44. Spring Film Festival
  45. International Media Arts Film Festival Awards.
  46. Bollywood International Film Festival
  47. White Unicorn International Film Festival
  48. Cannes film Festival
  49. Slamdance Film Festival
  50. Rénfronation Global Film Festival

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