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77th Cannes Film Festival


The glamour, the prestige, the cinematic excellence - the Cannes Film Festival is back for its 77th edition, and it promises to be a whirlwind of red carpets, captivating films, and film industry buzz. Here's your one-stop guide to navigate this esteemed international event:


Dates and Venue:

Mark your calendars! The film festival unfolds from May 14th to May 25th, 2024, at the iconic Palais des Festivals on the French Riviera. This stunning location adds a touch of magic to the entire experience.


Who's Who at Cannes?

This year's president of the prestigious jury is none other than the talented American filmmaker and film actress, Greta Gerwig. Joining her are renowned figures like Turkish screenwriter Ebru Ceylan, film actress Lily Gladstone, and French film actress Eva Green.


A Look at the Films:

The official selection of films is closely guarded until the last minute, but rumours abound! Here are some anticipated highlights:

Furiosa (directed by George Miller): A prequel to the Mad Max series, this film promises high-octane action and a deeper dive into the film character of Imperator Furiosa.

Megalopolis (directed by Francis Ford Coppola): This ambitious sci-fi epic from the legendary film director has been generating buzz for years. Will it live up to the hype?

Other Potential Contenders: Keep an eye out for films by established film directors like Bong Joon-ho, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, and Kelly Reichardt.

Beyond the Competition:

While the Palme d'Or, the film festival's highest honour, is the ultimate prize, Cannes offers much more.


Un Certain Regard: This section showcases promising new voices in cinema.

Out of Competition: Here, you'll find highly anticipated films that aren't vying for the Palme d'Or.

Midnight Screenings: Prepare for a late-night adrenaline rush with genre films and cult classics.

Cannes Classics: This section pays homage to cinematic history with screenings of restored classic films.

Special Screenings: Documentaries, special events, and tributes to filmmakers find a home here.

Live Stream Dilemma? Here's Your Answer:

Follow the film festival's official website and social media pages for updates, photos, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Major news outlets often cover the festival extensively. Look for live blogs, reports, and red carpet analysis. You can also look for WFCN blog page where you will find updates about the on-going film festival. Dedicated film websites and blogs might offer live coverage and commentary.


Honorary Awards and Recognition:

This year's film festival will witness the well-deserved celebration of some cinematic giants.

The legendary film actress Meryl Streep will receive an Honorary Palme d'Or during the opening ceremony.

The beloved animation studio Studio Ghibli will also be honoured.

George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, is slated to receive an Honorary Palme d'Or at the closing ceremony.

Beyond the Films:

Cannes is more than just screenings. It's a bustling film marketplace where film deals are struck, film networking opportunities abound, and new film collaborations are born. Panels, conferences, and workshops offer valuable insights into the world of cinema.


So, grab your virtual front-row seat and immerse yourself in the magic of the Cannes Film Festival! With its captivating selection of films, renowned personalities, and prestigious film awards, this event promises to be a landmark moment in the cinematic world.


P.S.  Stay tuned for post-festival updates! It might be the perfect time to discover your next favourite film!


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