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Film Festival Submission Gateway: The Monopoly is Over


During my time as a film enthusiast, I have come upon articles about filmmakers recounting stories of the days when they would send VHS tapes of their films to the few film festivals (sometimes from across the world!) available at that time. 

It was a sticky situation. There were technicalities involved. One couldn’t simply send off one’s tapes. You had to figure out which film festivals were accepting and then gather forms of the same to complete. Once you sent in your tapes and submitted your forms, you had to wait for your film to be approved. If it was, you’d be informed and would have to send in the film festival’s preferred film copy for screening. All these were as tedious as it sounds!

Unsurprisingly, all of this took a whole lot of money and a lot of time to begin with.

Then came the Internet. All hail the power of the internet!

With its arrival, online film festival gateways came along and made everyone’s lives a lot easier. At long last, you could submit your films online and apply to as many film festivals as your film-loving hearts chose. 

But this didn’t last forever. The popular film festival platforms had monopolized the market and reigned supreme despite protests and complaints. Be it festival owners or filmmakers - the reign of terror had begun. 

Festival curators found it increasingly difficult to get filmmakers to submit to their film festivals. Filmmakers had to deal with high submission fees, and that was not all. Increasingly slow and cumbersome technology filled with bugs made the sites unmanageable. Users protested and contentions were voiced, but there was no one to pay heed to. 

However, everything has to come to an end, sometime.

Exclusivity deals and monopolistic practices had finally ended and a new competitor was in the market, throwing shade along the way.

Yes, film festival submission platforms are widespread and you no longer have to rely on age-old methods and practices. 

With the onset of digital film media, you have the most advanced technology at your fingertips. We endeavor to put out the very best into the world. 

Enter WFCN

A fully comprehensive, film industry-supporting platform that focuses on bringing together all components of the film industry under one roof. Revolutionary in its practice, WFCN brings professional networking to your fingertips. 

WFCN is 100% free for all film festivals to sign up and enlist. They host a two-way search engine that allows film festivals and submitters to search each other. Filmmakers can search for film festivals and vice versa. Film festivals no longer have to pay large sums of money to gain access to film submitter’s database. They, unlike their rivals, believe in transparency and don’t want to keep anything hidden on their platform. 

Chat with film festivals and film submitters without any hindrances. You can network and connect with any film professional without waiting long periods for replies to reach you. Ask questions, consult on queries, and get responses within a few seconds. 

Furthermore, as festivals, you get access to thousands of filmmaker’s works. Pick and choose from their vast database of film professionals and film lovers to invite to participate in your jury.

Film professionals can build on WFCN their professional resume. Use it as a tool in the hiring process. Submit details of your film on your profile and attract employment.

WFCN charges a nominal fee from film festivals that charge submission fees.

You can operate and function as a film festival curator and receive submissions from all over the world. Furthermore, increase your submission by inviting filmmakers to submit to your film festival

What WFCN aims to do is bring the entire film industry into one platform and make it easy for all film festivals and film professionals to work better and efficiently through it. 

 Be a part of the first-of-its-kind, revolutionary audio-visual platform that is free for all.


By Stephanie Payne

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