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Film Festivals across the World

Film Festivals are the forum that provides a reputable platform to the budding filmmakers to start their journey towards the glamour world. It imparts recognition and awards to deserving films and their artists and makes them popular among the masses. There are innumerous film festivals across the world. Either than the world-class renowned film festivals, there are several regional film festivals nowadays that have emerged with a purpose to uplift the talented yet low budget films.

A survey back in 2013 shows the presence of 3000 film festivals across the world. It also shows that in the last 15 years there were festivals counting to 9,706 that are found to be run only once. Most of the film festivals in the entire world are found to be hosted by North America. The Covid-19 pandemic breakout in the entire world during 2020 resulted in huge damage to each and every field; the film festival events were also not left behind. Many festivals came at a permanent halt, while bigger festivals were kept hold for time unknown. Again, several online film festivals sprang up with an online live screening.

The 2021 survey shows nearly 150 reputed film festivals are running across the world, mentionable among them are the Cannes Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, and many more. Moreover, there are thousands of film festivals running on platforms like FilmFreeway, Festhome, WFCN- World Film Communities Network, and so on.

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