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Film Festivals are the stairs to recognition

Every individual profession in this universe requires and deserves recognition. But to achieve recognition is not a cakewalk. The journey towards recognition is a long and struggling process. Filmmakers especially independent filmmakers go through a really hard time to achieve this recognition; sometimes it may even take a lifetime to achieve the much-desired recognition for the entire hard work in respective professions.

Film Festivals act as a bridge between the filmmaker longing for recognition and the recognition itself. Independent films are always criticized and left behind the race of commercialization by mainstream movies and their fans. But an Independent Film is such a kind that holds content and reality and is made to spread social awareness in most cases. Most of the audiences long for entertainment and star value and thus independent films with their rich content remain out of the race. But the film festivals came up as a savior to the Independent filmmakers.

Screening Independent films in various reputed film festivals gave a new direction to the Independent genre of movies. People came to know about Independent Films and their unique styles. The film festivals did a lot to support Independent Films and bring them into the limelight. And finally, the much-needed recognition is attained by the Independent films through these Film Festivals.

Kamalika Sarkar