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Film Festivals around the World

Numerous film festivals present all around the world to cope up with different Film-makers to convey recognition and to push out creativity through the festival platforms.

Film Festivals are created to give independent filmmakers, directors the encouragement and respect they always deserve to go out of the way and make a film for people to watch.

There are more than 9,706+ international film festivals all around the world, leaving the regional festivals aside.

So choosing the perfect festival to submit your film is more like trying to find one perfect star and call it yours.


However, we have handpicked 4 festivals for you, to help you to choose a film festival.


  1. Cannes International Film Festival: Held in Cannes, France was founded in 1946 and is still going on, and is among the 3 big film festivals around the world.


  1. Berlin International Film Festival: Started in 1951, in Berlin Germany, the festival became an annual event in 1978, which takes place in February. The festival is considered among the best and prestigious film festivals around the world.


  1. Venice International Film Festival: Founded in August 1932, it is the oldest film festival, in 1951 it was formally accredited as a film festival. It is known for its artistic and cinematic expression and freedom.


  1. International Film Festival of India: IFFI, which is held in Goa, is among one the film festival that India flexes about. It is the most highly publicized and well-attended festival in Asia.  It is one of the festivals with a free submission fee and worth applying for.


The core tradition of film festivals is competition, that is, the consideration of films with the intention of judging which are most deserving of various forms of recognition. In contrast to those films, some festivals may screen which means project onto a movie before an audience.

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