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Film Submission

Lights, camera, action! Share your cinematic masterpiece via WFCN!

WFCN, or the World Film Communities Network, serves as an extensive platform designed for film submissions and fostering professional connections. Its inception in early 2020 was driven by a dedicated group of film enthusiasts with the primary goal of challenging the looming monopoly in the film festival submission landscape. Remarkably, within just a month of its launch, WFCN managed to draw the interest of numerous International film festivals, solidifying its position as one of the most rapidly growing global film festival portals online today. At the heart of WFCN's mission is the promotion of an open and transparent marketplace. Here, Film Festivals enjoy direct access to the Filmmaker's Database and Film Database, eradicating any hidden agendas. This setup enables Movie Contests to extend direct invitations to filmmakers for the submission of their cinematic creations. Notably, the platform is Cost-Free for both Film Festivals and Filmmakers, with festivals only incurring a minor commission fee should they opt to accept submission fees.

WFCN takes pride in its competitive advantage, offering the lowest commission fee among film festival portals – a flat 5% rate applicable to all festivals, irrespective of their size or reputation. The platform firmly opposes exclusivity, treating each festival equally. Right from the outset, WFCN ensures Public Listings for all Film Festivals, distinguishing itself from other platforms. Moreover, it boasts a diverse array of festivals, spanning themes and geographical regions, with representation from Asia, Europe, and the USA. Furthermore, WFCN offers continuous customer support around the clock and consistently promotes these festivals, all without additional charges. A key standout feature is WFCN’s integrated Social Media Platform, setting it apart from conventional film festival submission platforms. This user-friendly tool comes at no cost to filmmakers and undergoes regular updates, introducing new features every other week. Registration is a straightforward process, involving just a few simple steps, making it particularly advantageous for Film Professionals looking to expand their industry network. Here, individuals can connect, collaborate, and create alongside fellow film industry experts.


To make the most of our Global Film Festival Submission Service, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up, selecting your role as a Festival CuratorFilm SubmitterFilm Professional, or Film Lover.
  2. Add your Project by completing a brief form; you may or may not upload your film directly to WFCN – simply provide an online screener via platforms like Vimeo, Google Drive, or YouTube.
  3. Explore the extensive List of Film Festivals available in the Festivals Section and submit your film.
  4. Submit your film to as many festivals as you desire.
  5. Take advantage of WFCN's direct Chat feature to request discount codes from festivals.


The advantages of submitting your project to WFCN are numerous:

  1. Festivals can freely access the filmmaker's database.
  2. Festivals have the liberty to extend invitations to as many films as they see fit.
  3. Festivals receive public listing exposure from the very beginning.
  4. Weekly free promotion enhances their visibility.
  5. Submitters can engage in real-time conversations with festivals directly on WFCN, fostering meaningful two-way communication.
  6. The built-in festival promotion and professional networking.
  7. All services are entirely cost-free.
  8. Expect consistent communication from the platform's side.
  9. Navigate the user-friendly website interface with ease.
  10. Access 24/7 Technical Support for any assistance you may require.


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