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Filmmaking Amidst The Time of a Global Pandemic

Filmmaking and big screen shows came to a standstill but it is the Film Festivals which took over and became the support for independent filmmakers during this difficult time. Showbiz business was collapsing and independent filmmakers were the most affected ones. Online Film Festivals acted as a saviour for them. Filmmakers got an opportunity to showcase their work through such film festivals during this harsh time. This gave an upper hand to the independent filmmakers and also Film Festivals. Online film festivals and such film festival gateways gave scope to all independent and budding filmmakers to glorify their creations in the best way possible and not be heartbroken during the ongoing hardships.

Every city almost worldwide hosts such film festivals which glorify filmmaking as a whole process. Filmmaking has been a challenging profession since forever. But it is always difficult for young budding filmmakers because they don’t have huge capital and have lesser resources. Amidst all these, the recognition these film festivals give them is something they adore. Artists crave for recognition more than money and especially this is in the case of independent filmmakers. They create good films with not any famous star cast but just a lot of hard work and originality. Mainly these online film festivals host films which are initially low budget with the fresh star cast and strong storylines. Film festivals mostly give the creators the respect and recognition they deserve.

Few film submission gateways like Filmfreeway, WFCN, Festhome give filmmakers worldwide to showcase their talents even during this ongoing mishap all around. None of the film festivals enlisted in the mentioned platforms has stopped their festivals due to this pandemic, instead many organized quarantine special film competitions in order to uplift the independent filmmakers. So, it’s really good to see that due to such online gateway filmmaking was kept alive even during such conditions and I hope filmmaking and film festivals go hand in hand like this even after the world heals.

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