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Five People to Meet at a Film Festival

A film festival is only valuable when you know who you are going to meet and understand its magnificence. The list is small but will help achieve a proper study on the research and strategies.


1. Festival Staff Organizers

The Organizers of the Festival should be your first approach as these are the individuals who loved your film enough to add it to their project. This is your chance to grasp the knowledge of their past and their entry into the film festival organizing industry.


2. Individual Filmmakers

The mandate should be to meet these individuals as much as you can and aim to see their made movies. If you can make great recognition, even if you don’t work on any film project in the near future at least you will have tips and ideas on the filmmaker’s experience in the film industry.


3. The Press

It will be a good practice if you go along talking to some of the movie critics, and in the real world, Press interactions may lead to good transactions in the future. This is just the side plot, the essential focus should be to become an eye-catcher to them so that your name hits the tip of their tongue.


4. Announcers and Judges

There is a lot of time given by festival staff on bringing up judges and announcers into festivals. They should be also met with and appreciated for providing their important time, you can get once in a millennium chance to make your presence felt…. And that could come as a gift to you in the future.

5.  The Audience

The audience, every single individual in the seat has a different impression of a movie and has a unique opinion.  The people who are the easiest to get to, and these are the ones who are giving your movie and you a chance by coming to watch, especially if it’s a world premiere. It will be great practice to know their experience and share a conversation with them.


Apart from all this, go to the film festival to enjoy and make your presence felt by all the public present and advance your film career scope.

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