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Free Film Festivals for Filmmakers

Free Film Festivals for Filmmakers

Film Festivals play a pivotal platform in showcasing and celebrating the art created on screen by the independent filmmakers. While a lot of Film Festivals charge a submission fee, that can often deter filmmakers with limited budget and funding to present their films globally. No fee Film Festivals are breaking barriers, democratizing the world of cinema and make the space more inclusive for filmmakers from diverse backgrounds.

No fee Film festivals, as the name suggests do not charge any fee for the submission which helps and encourages a lot of young filmmakers to gain respect and recognition. There are a lot of top International Film Festivals which supports. This initiative benefits both the cinephiles and the filmmaker. Free Film Festivals puts all kinds of films on the same spectrum and gives them equal opportunities which lets the audience see the stories maybe from a lot of unheard aspects and areas of life where they could not have reached otherwise. There’s a preconceived notion about Film Festival submissions that they usually prefer films with higher budgets. Here the Free Film Festivals are breaking that constraint and shifting the focus on just the art of filmmaking by the respective filmmakers. Low budget filmmakers are seen to be commonly struggling for funding. They are often stuck in a vicious circle where they need funding to gain recognition and need recognition to gain funding. To cut through those bars film festivals with no entry fee gives them a hand in hand opportunity to do so without any financial constraints. Eventually bringing all independent filmmakers together to share a platform tends to breakout into a huge community with people passionate about films and filmmaking, coming from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations altogether. The Free film festivals never put up with status quo of any film industry but encourages the art of storytelling and focuses on how the film is made not exactly the profit that is going to come out of it. As mentioned previously the no fee film festivals are the storytellers of celebrating filmmaking in its purest form. The filmmakers can entirely focus on their creativity without worrying about their financial constraints, which also encourages them to showcase their talent to celebrate firstly rather than just intending on commercializing it.

Lastly the International Film Festivals charging no entry fee for the independent low budget filmmakers are contributing to the world of cinema in a huge way by paving paths of the people who held back to showcase their talent just because of funding issues.

Here are few Free Film Festivals for the aspiring independent filmmakers wanting to present their film on the global stage and celebrate his creation.

  1. Indian Film Festival Japan
  2. Colchester Film festival
  3. Stony Brook Film festival
  4. Singapore International Film Festival
  5. Mumbai International Film Festival
  6. Kolkata International Film Festivals
  7. VIII Naples Human Right Film Festival
  8. 24 Fps International Short Film Festival
  9. Delhi International film Festival.

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