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Future of Online Film Festivals

The future of online film festival looks quite promising as the whole world is transforming digital and it won’t be an of much shock if the film festival scenario too changes completely into the format of online film festivals. It has a lot of advantages like it saves a lot of time and can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone. This is a plus point for film submitters and filmmakers today as all they want is something which is easily accessible without much hassle.

So, we can say that online film festivals have a very strong point to succeed. Some years before what was just a dream is now a reality. One can now sit on their couch and at their home and run and participate in film festivals. Online film festivals were slowly making the mark in the film festival industry when this global pandemic hit the world and we have to admit that this lockdown period had somehow really worked in favour of these online festivals. It had made it really clear how much beneficial are these online film festivals. This medium of the film festival has helped a lot in keeping alive the energy and enthusiasm of filmmakers amidst this lockdown period which is filled with stress and problems.

The future of online film festivals looks quite good from where they stand today and with the changes in the surroundings and space simultaneously it is quite sure that online film festivals will rule the market because of its time-saving capacity. One can run a festival at one end of the world and people from the absolute another end can participate and showcase their talents through online film festivals which is a huge factor to rejoice. Online film festivals will help people to connect more and the film fraternity can be more closely connected.

Though the future of online film festivals already looks so promising it can’t reach its final goal until it is worked upon. The film festival curators and organizers have to get a full-fledged idea about what must be worked upon to make it stand out. Because a lot of people will still support the traditional live screening of films concept. So, to shift their minds and attract them towards this new and digital concept is a real task which has to be worked on. Because if a large part of the audience doesn’t shift from the traditional screening to online than it would be tough to get success. But with times the belief is that filmmakers would understand the value of digital and online screening of films and would understand how much it is many times more beneficial and then the shift and rise would be much easier. We can be hopeful that this change would be seen soon.

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