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How are Indie Movies affected by commercialization?

Independent Movies are always something out of the box as compared to Commercial Movies. It has always had a different sort of ambiance all through. Indie movies are rich in their content and presentation, yet the commercialization of the cinema world somehow leaves it behind the entire spark. Indie movies are not extravagant in sort of entertainment or comedy stuff. They are limited and exact to the prospect of presenting what they exactly want to state.

The commercial movies though most of the time are not by any means even closer to the content of an Independent Movie, yet the commercial movies are always there to steal the show. It implies that the audiences go for eye-catching stardom and fantasy rather than reality. Commercial movies are infused with such elements and thus are ruling the cinema industry. On the other hand, Independent movies in spite of imparting knowledge and social message are remaining behind the race.

The promotions of commercial movies are always a step ahead of the independent ones and moreover, independent filmmakers even face challenges finding the producer for their film. Thus, the effect of commercialization is absolutely adverse in the case of Independent Movies. But the independent movies are no more left out; online platforms like WFCN are there to connect the independent filmmakers with the renowned film festivals and that would definitely prove helpful to attain fame.

Kamalika Sarkar


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