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How can an independent filmmaker motivate himself for making back-to-back movies?

Making an independent film is honestly hard work for sure! There are more failures than successes on this path, and more than often filmmakers quit just because they lack inspiration or simple motivation to keep making films

To prevent that from happening ever again we have brought a few ideas to help you get up and running each time.

Ideas to keep yourself motivated as an independent filmmaker

We met several independent filmmakers and psychologists to get the answer. We have compiled the answers and made a simplified version of them. Let’s start then…

1. Read biographies

Reading biographies can motivate you a lot. Learning about their backstory, their struggle, ups, and downs truly make you realize that resting or ceasing is never an option. Chances are they suffered greatly before succeeding.

2. Be in the company of other filmmakers

The strongest advice is definitely this one. Going it alone typically leads to disaster, especially when times are difficult. Be in the company of people who share your goals and who won’t let you give up. WFCN groups for your location are useful for this, as are universities with programs in the film that even somewhat resemble them.

3. Do something creative every day

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..” You must have heard about this line from Paradise Lost. If you keep thinking that you can not do it anymore, you won’t be able to pursue your film career.

The solution to this is simple. Do any creative work for just 5 minutes every day for 21 days and make a habit out of it. You will be shocked to see what it does to you psychologically and how it improves your work.

4. Start little side projects that provide you with creative satisfaction.

Here, the “little” side projects are the focus. Don’t begin a project that will take you five years to complete. In a day or a week, try to film and edit a short movie. Just get it done. This aids in creating momentum and offers you a sense of accomplishment, just as the previous suggestion. You can even submit them to top film festivals for more inspiration.

5. Just do it.

For those who struggle with analysis paralysis, remember that you probably won’t ever be as ready or knowledgeable as you think you need to be, but that’s okay. Simply dive in and create something. More than anything else, doing will help you learn.

If you are an independent filmmaker, WFCN has the perfect platform for you. Once you are done making your independent movie, you can surf through our 550+ top film festivals and find your niche. We also have CANVAS, a platform for self-distribution. Go and check it out now!

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