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How can you find the perfect Film Festival?

Film Festivals are the platform that helps Independent Films to get recognition worldwide. Since the birth of film festivals in 1932, independent Films have got their much-awaited backup which remained there always for the upliftment of creativity and talent. But as the years passed on life become coming up on the internet some people tried to make business in the disguise of these festivals. Now, the question is how to find out the real film festival? In this blog, we will find the answer to this question.

Firstly, the consequences of pandemics have resulted to bring out several events online and so are applicable to film festivals. But some people are taking advantage of this and launching fake online festivals and taking away money from the filmmakers. You need to check out the details of the festival very minutely; its address, the conducting person’s identity, previous season’s results, reviews from other filmmakers, etc. It’s not that all festivals are fake you just need to be cautious enough to choose the right one.

If you feel like getting advice from an expert you can join World Film Communities Network. This is an exclusive platform where you can get hold of genuine world-class festivals and it aims at providing the much-needed platform for indie filmmakers to showcase their talent. Thus your films are in safer hands with WFCN. So, what are you waiting for? Welcome to the WFCN family, get started now.

Kamalika Sarkar