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How can you start your own Film Festival?

You may have visited many film festivals across the world as a filmmaker or film lover, have you ever thought of starting your own film festivals yet? I know it may sound interesting and at the same time odd to some of you; as you might be wondering how to start a Film festival of your own. But believe me, it is not anything like rocket science. If you are enough passionate and creative in this field at the same time can build a good network in a short span of time, then you can excel in this field.

You need to follow some simple rules:

1. Be a researcher:

To start your own festival you need to know a lot about festivals; so, visit as many film festivals as you can. If you are a filmmaker make sure not to be present at your own screening only but also stay while other’s films are getting screened. It would help you to know a great deal about festivals.

2. Imitate the working process:

Visit renowned festivals and gather how they work, what are the areas they are looking after to make their program better, and initiate it in your event.

3. Build a network:

The film business is all about having a good network around and you need to make good and useful contacts in order to build your network. So visit festivals and make friends, they may come to your help when needed.

4. Get a great Social life:

You need to be active and well-known on social platforms. This will add an extra benefit while promoting your festival.

5. Build a rapport with the Press:

You will definitely require the Press to make your festival well-known to the folks and moreover, good relations with the press can easily bring you to the limelight with a positive approach. So, don’t miss the chance.

6. Your creativity counts:

Last, but not least; your creativity is the key factor for your event and you need to be creative enough to create a unique identity in this competitive world.


I hope, these tips would help you to bring out the best in you and you can move forward with a new beginning.

Kamalika Sarkar

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