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How do Independent Films bring out the harsh reality?

Movies always help us to relate with stories; stories of the world, stories of a common girl or boy, stories of hope, stories of love, stories of despair, stories of reality, and even at times they make us acquainted with our own stories. Movies are capable of showing and making us feel a lot of issues that remain unnoticed and unspoken for a long time; it is the filmmakers who felt the need to bring those issues in front of common people. Independent Films always had a perspective to relate to the world, they try to speak about the social issues and personal issues of individuals as well.

While watching a movie it happens to most of us that we began to feel the story and that’s where the Independent Filmmakers make use of their skill. They bring out the hidden issues that we should know and take action for. The presentation of the story and acting depends a lot on how a filmmaker can create that urge among the viewers to do something for those social or personal issues at their individual level. Reaching the masses and creating this urge for a solution among them is the best move that could ever happen. When you target a huge population then it becomes easy to spread awareness.

This is how Independent Movies are changing the world and this revolution of a new way of entertainment media is bringing out the harsh truth of our society and our individual problems each time.

Kamalika Sarkar