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How to earn from your Film through Canvas?

Your hard work is no longer going to be vain; want to know how? WFCN has launched its exclusive OTT platform called Canvas, where you can not only put your film on a rental scheme but also earn from it. Canvas is going to launch its ad-based model very soon. This ad-based model is something that would bring earnings to your films. Your effort and hard work to make a film will be paid off.

How does Canvas work?

Now you must be curious that how to submit your film to Canvas and how it would bring you revenue. Well, it is as easy as a pie; first of all, you have to sign into WFCN (World Film Communities Network) and create your Film Page. Next, you have to go to the Project File option and upload your films and trailers and then you have to click on the Monetize Film option and click on the check box and click on Save &Next. And your film will be uploaded on Canvas. The best thing is you can upload your high-quality film file up to 8GB and trailers up to 2GB file. Isn’t it amazing? And next, you have to just sit back and relax. Our ad-based model would enable your film to earn from Canvas.

So, your wait is over; monetize your film today with Canvas.

Kamalika Sarkar