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How to start the perfect Film Festival?

Film Festivals are very much in trend these days. Every Independent filmmaker is looking forward to getting their recognition through Film Festivals. In this process, a number of film festivals have sprung up and they claim to be the best among others. But are they all real? Do they all want to be the perfect Film Festival yet? The answer may vary for different festivals but this blog tends to guide that festival team who urge to start the perfect film festival in a perfect way and want to help Independent Filmmakers gain the much-needed recognition but are not aware of the rules yet are for those. So, let’s get to know how to start that perfect festival.

There are certain guidelines that a festival team must follow in order to get listed on the best Film Festival list. First of all the festival must have a genuine approach towards the films and filmmakers. Secondly, they must have a proper and valid website that showcases their sole purpose and activities. Next, the festivals must enlist themselves on renowned sites in order to attain the public listing and gain the trust of being the true film festival on board. The festival team should have a real public screening in order to gain the public listing thing. The festival team should be available with all documents regarding its venue address, contact number, screening list, and others and have to hand over it to the respective site if needed. Moreover, the pictures of the real film screening must be sent to the site in order to get the public listing and emerge as a real film festival in this competitive film world.

The renowned film-networking platforms like WFCN, FilmFreeway , Festhome, and so on are concerned about the Indie Filmmakers and thus they are solely responsible for having a full account of the Film Festival team so that no more fraudulent activities may be conducted and the Media market should not get corrupted.

Kamalika Sarkar