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Importance of Film Festivals in the context of Independent Films

Film Festivals are the gateway for filmmakers to make their films accessible to a larger number of audiences. It is a great platform for independent filmmakers who are still underrated as compared to big-budget commercial films. Film festivals provide a chance for independent films and filmmakers to showcase themselves globally. Here are some of the points that better illustrate the significance of Film Festivals.

A greater chance for independent films

Most people are too much excited about mainstream commercial movies and do not even know about most independent movies. Film festivals are the platforms that enhance the scope of independent films and help them reach a large number of viewers. Though independent films are enriched with good content and messages yet they remain unseen in the light of big-budget commercial films. Film festivals paved the way for independent films to reach more people.

Acts as a canvas for test screening

Film festivals are like class tests. Just like before the final examination we get through the class tests and get to know about our shortcomings and can prepare accordingly for the finals; before the commercial release, a filmmaker can use this film festival platform to know the public reaction and feedback and then make the necessary changes.

Publicity and Marketing Strategies

Film Festivals give publicity to the underrated yet contentful Films and their makers in the form of awards and laurel certificates. Some festivals provide laurel certificates to all the participants. Hence they receive recognition. Moreover winning a film award provides them a platform to be reviewed and interviewed by the prestigious media.

Building a worthy network

The festivals give a chance to the booming filmmakers to build a strong network of their kind. Attending a film festival and meeting various other film professionals from different parts of the world helps Independent filmmakers to grow rapidly.

Acts as a promising platform for new talents

In this era of overhyped and exaggerated showoffs, new talents do not get enough scope to shine. An underrated or new filmmaker cannot get recognition in this rat race of commercial films. Film festivals are undoubtedly the perfect platforms that give a chance to the new filmmakers and they create their identity.

Scope of Learning

Many film festivals arrange discussion panels or masterclasses on Filmmaking and other film-related topics. So it’s a scope for the new filmmakers as well the general public to learn about films and filmmaking and grow their interest in this aspect.

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