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Importance of regional film festivals.

Film festival holds a lot of importance to filmmakers, as it is one of the important ways to gain publicity and recognition. But small filmmakers cannot always submit their films to top-notch film festivals because of various factors like high submission fees, fear of not getting selected, or language barriers and etc.

Then comes regional film festivals at the rescue. They are more convenient and easy to access and helps budding or amateur filmmakers build confidence. Moreover, has very low submission fees.

Sometimes the regional film festival becomes very popular compared to international big festivals, because of the content of the films submitted in the festival, which are generally overlooked in big festivals.

Regional film festivals are generally run by people who are very passionate about films and love the art of filmmaking. So when Film Festivals are organized people tend to love and enjoy those festivals.

Regional Film Festivals works as ladders for filmmakers to climb up, shine bright as filmmakers, and make a mark in the film industry.


-Blog by Diyashi Sharma.