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Introducing the best platform for film professionals

Are you into the film industry and looking for the best platform to submit your film internationally? Undoubtedly WFCN is the best platform for you thenThis can be called the platform which helps you to connect with the film fraternity. If you are an independent filmmaker then this place can help you reap multiple benefits.

Here are some points why you can simply call it the best :

Unique Platform for Film Submission, Networking & Distribution :

WFCN is a digital platform that is designed for creative professionals so that they can be able to connect easily, submit films to various film festivals, and distribute their creative works to film professionals. Professionals like film directors, film producers, film curators, and others can easily connect to various film festivals from around the world which are listed so that submissions can be made. The main aim of the platform is to bring all the world's creative personalities under the same roof so that they can stay connected.


WFCN as a platform is completely free for any film professional. So they can easily register themselves by following some simple steps.

Smart International Film Submission

If you wish to submit your films to any international film festival, then it’s absolutely simple. You just have to create your project page and then click submit. Multiple film festivals are listed on the film platform. You need to simply select them, follow the rules given and you are done. Isn’t it a simple and smart way of submission?

Transparency Maintained for Festivals and Submitters

The search engine works both ways for festivals and submitters and complete transparency is maintained. So, you can rest assured.

Protection of your rights

If it is your submission then WFCN assures you of the complete safety of your rights. You always have absolute 100% rights to your intellectual property.

Safe and Secure

Your submission is completely safe in our hands and it is only accessible to those film festivals to which you have submitted.  Data of yours or submission cannot be downloaded or shared with any third party without your permission.

Film Business in a Click

WFCN as a platform brings together producers, filmmakers, film distributors, film exhibitors, festival curators, film selectors, and film professionals from all around the world, where they can connect easily with each other just with a few clicks and grow their business.

These are some of the pointers which surely make WFCN, the best platform for international film submissions.



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