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Journey of an Indie Filmmaker on their first Film Festival

Being an emerging Indie Filmmaker it’s a great opportunity to get invited to a Film Festival for the first time. Now you must be curious about what should be your next steps to follow. Well, the first thing I would suggest is not to be overjoyed. Hold your breath and be confident, that’s the key to success in every aspect of life. Now, we will discuss what steps you should follow.

Accepting the invitation:

First, you need to decide whether you would accept the invitation to the film festival or not. To decide that, you need to go through a detailed study of the features of the respected festival, you have received an invitation from. Make sure that it’s a reputed and genuine film festival in its first place. Check out whether the film festival is a competitive one. A good film festival invites the press and media for the promotion of the films enlisted in it. Ultimately it’s your decision whether you are going to accept the invitation or not. You can get hold of genuine film festivals through genuine film submission gateways like WFCN- World Film Communities Network, Filmfreeway, Festhome, etc.

Always build a good network:

After you accept the invitation fly to the event ground and start your actual journey to this world of film festivals. Just don’t enjoy the new place but also get hold of the people around. You need to communicate with different filmmakers, scriptwriters, film producers, and media persons. Building a wide network is indeed the most important operation you need to follow up on.

Your screening is your ultimate priority:

Though it is unnecessary to mention, yet I must say that your screening is your main priority, and don’t ever miss your film screening. It is important to be present in your film screening as you get one step closer to the audience and can get feedback about your work. On the contrary, I feel, that sitting in the audience and watching your film also brings out the audience’s perspective within you, and this is important.


Once the film festival event is over and you get back to your place don’t forget to follow up immediately. You need to keep in touch with all those contacts you made. Stay connected to them through emails and social media.

Concluding everything I must say that film festivals are the bridge that will always keep a filmmaker connected to the world of media. So, have the right eyes to choose the proper bridge else your journey will be an incomplete one.

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