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Mammoth: the biggest 1st year Film Festival


In 2018, Tanner Beard and Tomik Mansoori founded this international Film Festival called Mammoth International Film Festival. This festival is specialized to be an all-media platform for incredibly talented and creative persons. This is the most loved Winter Film Festival of California which is held at the Minaret Cinemas in the month of February every year. The beautiful Mammoth town and its lakes with California acting as an amazing backdrop add a beautiful dimension to the festival.

In these 4 years of life span, the Mammoth has earned the fame of the biggest first-year film festival ever. The starting year of the respective film festival has been the biggest among all others. Today, the festival organizers not only arrange submissions for the event only but once a film is submitted to the Mammoth FF it attains the position to be bought or sold as well either than only screening.

Special Features:

This festival offers a variety of events, such as world premiere feature films and television episodes, short episodes, and another digital format programming along with the Mammoth Media Institute Charity Celebrity Bowling Tournament, Educational and Interactive Panel Discussions with Industry Leaders, and the MammothCON Vendor Exhibition Hall.


The Festival is aspiring for an ever-changing scenario of Film and Entertainment Media. The "All-Media Platform" celebrates and honors filmmakers, actors, directors, writers, producers, and their work in a variety of styles. Mammoth Media Institute is an organization dedicated to bringing independent films and TV shows, virtual reality, documentaries, and film education to industry professionals, including distributors, producers, financiers, etc.

How it Works:

The Mammoth Film FestivalTM features these media, generates publications with various partners and advisory boards, and is supported by our sponsors. The Mammoth Film SummitTM is also held twice a year in Mammoth Lakes and in a hand-selected US city. The program is designed to educate new filmmakers through a variety of seminars with working professionals, including actors, writers, and directors. Funds generated by the festival go into the institute to host film education programs and award film grants to filmmakers at events across the country throughout the year.

This year the festival is going to be held between 3rd to 6th of February.

Kamalika Sarkar

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