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OTT or Movie Theatre

OTT stands for ‘Over the top’ and refers to anything that is streamed over the internet.

OTT is the newest upgrade that everyone made during the pandemic. It is almost like relatives got a makeover and the situation helped them to grow popular and famous.

OTT got its first break in 2007 when Netflix was launched, just two years after YouTube. Gradually more and more film-releasing platforms came up and OTT started to get popular among youngsters but during the pandemic when all the theaters were closed, the OTT platforms came to rescue people and thus gained the utmost popularity and importance among everyone.

Theatre has held its position since ancient days.

Theatre is always the emotion and happiness that people love to receive. It gives different thrill and excitement when people step out of their houses and visit the theatre to watch a film with their loved ones.

OTT and Theatre can never be compared together as they are very different from each other yet very similar.

Theatre gives a nostalgic feeling and excitement along with happiness whereas OTT platforms provide comfort at home and ease to watch anything and everything with just a touch.

Though OTT is way more advanced and very accessible,

The theatre still holds a soft place in our hearts.

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