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Road to success for Film carnival in COVID Surge

Film-Festivals have been an integral part of the film fraternity for ages. Although there are notable for-profit festivals, most festivals operate on a non-profit membership-based model, with a combination of ticket sales, membership fees, and corporate sponsorship constituting the majority of revenue. Unlike other non-profit art forms (performing arts, museums, etc.), film festivals typically receive donations from the general public and are occasionally organized as non-profit business associations instead of public charities. Film industry members often have significant curatorial input, and corporate sponsors are given opportunities to promote their brand to festival audiences in exchange for cash contributions. Larger festivals maintain year-round staff, often engaging in community and charitable projects outside the festival season.


Festivals exist because of films and films gain respect and value because of festivals. It’s an on-going process that is going on. 


Everything was going on well until COVID-19 stuck us hard and everything came to a halt at once, and one industry that got affected most was the film industry.

Due to this pandemic and the lockdown process all over the globe, somewhere film festivals were also affected initially and huge losses in the film communities.


But later it was revived as unlock down took place gradually.


On the other hand, during this lockdown, people developed different hobbies. One of them is filming various concepts and ideas and exploring their thoughts and sharing them on social media to get recognition and making it to a top-most creativity level.


And online festivals came as a rescue to provide a platform for creative ideas to showcase their work globally when all the offline festivals were all closed and postponed.

The online festival was known to people but not very popular, but because of lockdown, the online festival gained a lot of popularity during this time. Many new festivals came up to give an opportunity for the film units, lovers, crew, etc.

Gaining popularity also helped new filmmakers and actors showcase their talent without worrying about getting the work or recognition they always deserved.

Though not everyone wants to participate in online festivals and many do not know how to participate in those festivals. And that’s when the World Film Communities Network (WFCN) comes to your rescue. It is an online film festival platform, Submission gateway for BOTH FILMMAKERS AND FILM-COMMUNITY MEMBERS helping budding festivals and filmmakers make a mark in the film industry. A transparent platform, where people from different countries associated with films can make connections for their projects or fulfill their dreams by collaborating work, earnings through showcasing their projects/ portfolio.  


Film festivals have thrived during this lockdown and made their mark on everybody’s mind.


Lockdown was a curse to different people in different aspects of life but it turned out to be a boon for the festivals and filmmakers and other people relate to filmmaking.