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In today’s world of globalization, where everybody is running out of time, filmmakers too are no exception. In the recent years there has been a growing connection between the filmmakers and the film industries worldwide. For new filmmakers, making a movie itself a mammoth task, leave aside distribution and making a career of it. Most often it is seen after a movie is made, they are clueless about the future of the film and only find a ray of hope in film festivals. Film festivals are the ideal hub for budding filmmakers to display their hard work, get feedback, and develop their skills for bringing their dreams to life. Film festivals not only help emerging artists introduce their work, but they also bring other creators, film critics, and industry experts together. They can discuss challenges, ideas, and raise awareness of independent cinema.

In this blog we talk about the current state of the business in all parts of the world. While many industries in this filmmaking business focus particularly only on one aspect of the business, either film festival submission, or professional networking, while others have tried to pave a path for the production and distribution of movies. Needless to say, there is a huge gap predominant in the existing film industry.

It is a boon for the global film industry that there is one such platform, that has aimed to bring the entire global film industry under one palette. The platform has encompassed the transnational integration of the entertainment industry as a whole, and pays more attention to the coordinated development of the film industryWorld Film Communities Network (WFCN) aims to be the future of the global film fraternity. WFCN is an integrated platform for filmmakers to submit their films to the Top International Film Festivals, collaborating with other Film Industry Professionals and distributing their New Movies. Besides, WFCN also serves as Film Festival Database and Filmmakers’ Database. ?

WFCN is an open marketplace where film industry professionals can create their profiles, find producers, raise funds for their projects, connect with peer professionals across the globe and collaborate for the entire film making process (Pre-production, Production & Post Production), find distributors and monetize independent films.  WFCN has some unique features that instantly provides a solution that independent filmmakers have long wished for. The entire process of filmmaking can now be synonymous to WFCN. Think about making a film. You can instantly look for professionals via WFCN. Connect with them, get filmmaking jobs, provide filmmaking jobs through their feature of professional network. You can also submit your film to the top film festivalsbest film festivals, some film festivals that cater to a niche audience like the best short film festivalstop documentary film festivals and most importantly, film festivals that are worth the entry fee across the globe through WFCN. WFCN believes in celebrating the success of every filmmaker who have put in so much effort while making their film. This world-wide recognition is very important for debut filmmakersyoung filmmakersstudent filmmakerswomen filmmakers who specially struggle a lot to make a mark. One very important feature that WFCN has introduces is the Cinecyclopedia where each and every terminology associated with filmmaking is presentWFCN is the best search engine if you want to learn something new about filmmakingSearch FilmsSearch Film FestivalsSearch Film ProfessionalsSearch Film Industry JobsSearch latest moviesSearch Film TerminologySearch Film Industry News, all you need to do it, open WFCN and entire the global film industryis in your fingertips. So, the Global Film Industry is no longer an alienated place for film lovers. Search WFCNand give your filmmaking career a new direction.



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