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Short Film Festival Submission Deadlines 2024

In the vast realm of independent filmmaking where creativity knows no bounds short films stand poignant testaments to the innovative spirits of Short filmmakers. These miniature masterpieces not only allow filmmakers to experiment with their craft but also serve as a stepping stone to larger projects. However, the journey doesn't end with the final cut; it takes flight when these Short films find a platform to shine. Short Film festivals, with their immersive environments and captive audiences, provide the launchpad for many indie filmmakers. As we approach 2024, a host of short film festivalsbeckon, each with its unique charm and opportunities. Let's explore some of these Short Film Festivals’ Submission Deadlines in 2024, offering a chance for aspiring filmmakers to catapult their careers onto the global stage.


1. The Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (Last Deadline 10th February 2024)

Nestled in the heart of France, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival stands as one of the oldest and most prestigious celebrations of short cinema. With its final deadline set for February 10, 2024, indie filmmakers have the chance to submit their creations to a festival that has been a breeding ground for talent and innovation.


2. Atlanta ShortFest (Final Deadline May 15, 2024)

The bustling city of Atlanta plays host to a dynamic celebration of short films. Atlanta ShortFest offers filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work until the final deadline on May 15, 2024. This festival not only provides exposure but also a chance to connect with industry professionals and fellow filmmakers.


3. Raindance (Late Deadline Feb 5, 2024)

Established in 1992, Raindance has become a pivotal platform for emerging filmmakers, offering a space for creativity to thrive. Raindance, the beacon of independent short film in the UK, invites filmmakers from UK and around the globe to dance in the rain of creativity. With its late deadline set for February 5, 2024, this festival is renowned for its commitment to nurturing talent and promoting diversity in storytelling.


4. Sundance (Sept 4, 2024 for Short Films)

The iconic Sundance Film Festival, held against the breathtaking backdrop of Utah, is a coveted platform for filmmakers worldwide. Although the festival itself takes place in January, short film submissions are accepted until September 4, 2024. This extended timeline allows filmmakers to fine-tune their creations and submit them to one of the most prestigious festivals in the industry.


5. St Kilda Film Festival (April 5, 2024)

Down under, the St Kilda Film Festival in Australia promises a vibrant celebration of short films. With a deadline set for April 5, 2024, this festival is a testament to the global appeal of short cinema, offering a stage for filmmakers to showcase their work to an international audience. The festival is a melting pot of International and Australian Short Filmmakers, fostering a sense of community within the filmmaking industry. St Kilda Film Festival continues to be a significant player in promoting the art of short filmmaking on the global stage.


6. The Paris Short Film Festival (Last Deadline Feb 13, 2024)

Ah, the City of Lights—the perfect backdrop for a celebration of cinematic brilliance. The Paris Short Film Festival, with its final deadline on February 13, 2024, provides filmmakers the chance to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Paris while sharing their stories with a captivated audience.


7. The Norwegian Short Film Festival (Last Deadline Mar 15, 2024)

The Norwegian Short Film Festival, set against the stunning landscapes of Norway, beckons filmmakers to submit their creations before the final deadline on March 15, 2024. This festival serves as a gateway to the Nordic film industry, offering a chance for international filmmakers to connect with the thriving Norwegian Film Community.


8. Tribeca Festival (Extended Deadline, Feb 13, 2024)

Tribeca, synonymous with the heartbeat of New York City, extends its arms to welcome short film submissions until the extended deadline on February 13, 2024. With its commitment to fostering creativity and storytelling, Tribeca provides a stage for filmmakers to showcase their work in the city that never sleeps.


9. Palm Springs International ShortFest (Late Deadline Feb 1, 2024)

Palm Springs, known for its sunny landscapes and artistic ambiance, hosts Palm Springs International ShortFest. Filmmakers have until the late deadline on February 1, 2024, to submit their creations to a festival that celebrates the diversity and richness of short cinema.


10. Vienna Shorts (Late Deadline: January 31, 2024)

In the heart of Europe, Vienna Shorts stands as a testament to the cultural melting pot that is Vienna. With its late deadline on January 31, 2024, this festival offers filmmakers the chance to showcase their work in a city known for its artistic legacy and avant-garde spirit.

As the deadlines for these festivals loom on the horizon, indie filmmakers find themselves at a crossroads—a moment to seize the opportunity and let their stories unfold on the grand stage of global cinema. So, as the curtains open in 2024, let the reels of your creativity unfurl and find their place in the kaleidoscope of short film festivals waiting to celebrate the magic of storytelling.

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