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Should online screening replace the offline Film Festival Screening???

Since the time of the coronavirus outbreak, the world is suffering a lot of limitations in each field. Daily life came to a pause for a long period of time. It was when the online concept of work became popular worldwide. From schools, colleges to international events; everything was being conducted online. Even film festivals across the world started their screening online. And this procedure was much more secure and hassle-free free we must admit.

Though the pandemic is not that ruthless these days and people have started to get back to their normal lives yet some sort of industry is still being conducted through online procedures. Now the question is, shall we replace the offline screening procedures of film festivals and keep on continuing with the online screening? Well, the answer is not as easy as yes or no; it’s rather diplomatic. For some, the screening should be done offline; as there are almost zero scopes of scams if people are visiting the event in person. They can watch everything in front of them and thus the bond of trust will be strengthened, whereas online screening is not promising to that extent. Online screening is much more compatible and reasonable as compared to offline one. Screening through Facebook, Instagram or YouTube live doesn’t require any charge thus the filmmakers and other guests can attend the screening for free or at a very low entry fee(though screening through Vimeo, IBM Cloud Player, etc involves charges as they provide much more features as compared to the FaceBook, Instagram and all). Moreover, people from every corner of the world can attend the event at the same time; so the global reach will count for a hike.

But, again if we consider the offline screening then there are more scopes to get connected with others when you meet them in person. Moreover, exploring new places adds an extra benefit to this count. What I assume is the online screening idea is much more cool and innovative with lots of benefits yet we must go for it in extreme conditions, otherwise the offline screening is perfect to serve the purpose always.

Kamalika Sarkar