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Six Best Blog-sites About Independent Film Production & Distribution

Learning and gathering knowledge is an essential practice for all who want to be Independent Filmmakers. They need to update themselves with contemporary news about films, and film festivals. However, keeping track of which news sites to read might be difficult.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the finest filmmaking blogs by genre so you can find just the perfect blog for your needs in a matter of seconds. Let’s get started.

1. Shooting People — Independent Film Makers Network

London, UK

A high-spirited community of film enthusiasts based in London. They connect and collaborate with new filmmakers to get films made and seen.

2. Raindance | The Home of Independent Film

London, UK

Get Access to the latest articles featuring tips, advice, and insight for emerging filmmakers.

3. WFCN — World Film Community Network

New York, US

This is a versatile platform. You can submit your films to the various film festivals listed in WFCN, you can update information about your new project for review and exposure. But the most significant feature of WFCN is WFCN-Professional. It is a social network for passionate film enthusiasts where they can pitch their ideas, and collaborate with each other independently.

4. No Film School Blog

Brooklyn, New York, US

No Film School is the world’s largest network of independent filmmakers, video editors, and creatives. No Film School is a place where artists may learn from one another without having to go to a “film school.”

5. Film Independent

Los Angeles, California, US

A non-profit arts group dedicated to promoting the indie film. With seminars on the current indie themes, their 6,000 members get access to the best in cinema education.

6. Filmmaking Stuff Blog

Hollywood, California, US

Filmmaking Stuff is a professional website for indie filmmakers that offer advice on screenplay, production, crowdsourcing, direction, marketing, and distribution.