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Sneak Peek into LGBTQ+ Films

It’s easy to say that we are modern, we are liberal and so on; but when it comes to acting somehow 70% of us fail. The LGBTQ is such a sensitive matter to our society that we are yet yelling to accept. Though the world has changed its sight and has accepted the LGBTQ community in many aspects yet to some people it is yet a matter to hide. What we need is to educate people on this matter. We need to normalize the LGBTQ thing, so, that people no more find it uncomfortable to speak about or look forward to the community thing.

These days there are many ways to teach people about the community; there are organizations that help people to get information about the community, moreover, independent filmmakers are there to make films on this topic and it definitely helps common people to gather more information about the LGBTQ community and be familiar with the term and also their way of living. The films focus on the life and struggle of the LGBT people and how society is treating them. The films urge for our empathetic approach towards the people of this community.

But in spite of all these efforts, we find that LGBTQ+ films are not getting that focus or reaching out to people. And to solve this cause we have got some wonderful platforms like WFCN-World Film Communities Network, FilmFreeway, Festhome, etc. These platforms promote independent films on the LGBTQ+ genre and provide these films a progressive platform to enroll themselves in renowned festivals and reach out to the world.

Kamalika Sarkar