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Step by Step Guideline for New Filmmakers on Submission to a Festival

Film festivals are the platforms that provide recognition to the films, hence, all filmmaker aims at getting their films enlisted to a popular film festival. Not only filmmakers even actors and videographers also look for a festival to build their network in the film world. But what is the process to submit a project to the film festival? This blog will be a guide to all the steps that would help you to submit your project to the right film festival.

Fitting the festival:

You have to study the requirements and criteria of the Film Festival whether your film fits the festival or not. Festivals take submissions on certain categories; if your film comes under the category then you can submit it to that film festival.

Your film genre:

Before choosing the festival to submit your movie, you need to focus on the type of film you are making. Be selective in choosing the genre in which you should make the film because it is the important factor that is looked for during the submission. Focus on the category which is liked by the audiences and which is the best category of a film festival.

Keen research is needed:

Whatever you do you must research at first, as it would help you to understand the niche of the film festivals and the public as well. Different film festivals have different perspectives and event plans, when you have decided to submit your film to a film festival you need to know about all the important Knicks and knacks of the respective film festival. The research will keep you updated and you can choose accordingly on which festival you would prefer to submit your project. Moreover, certain film festivals may sound tempting but are actually of no worth, be careful while choosing a film festival.

Scheduling is important:

Once all the research is done and your project is ready for submission, schedule the important dates of the festival deadlines. A film festival has different dates before the final event. Early bird deadline, regular deadline, last deadline, notification date, and event date; are the schedules for any film festival. There may be some changes for different film festivals; you need to be updated on that.

These are some of the factors that you need to count while looking for a film festival to submit your project. And last but not least be confident in your work always.

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