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Studio Films v/s Independent Cinema: what’s the difference?

If you go to any place on this globe, you will see the distinction between 2 different cinemas- a. studio cinema, and b. independent films. Black Panther, Jocker, and Baahubali are examples of studio films. The famous director, Quentin Tarantino’s initial movies could be considered independent cinema. From budget to action planning these two are very different from each other.

The budget

It is not a mystery that the studio has more money to spend; it obviously reflects on the end product. For indie filmmakers raising that much money is really difficult, even close to impossible. The end product’s quality will differ from one another.

Editing, VFX, and a good camera take a heaping amount of money to match the quality of studios. For an independent filmmaker affording this quality of equipment is quite the task. They need a good deal from the film distributors to raise that amount of money.


Studios have their own methods of producing films. They each have their own technique, but a method is always present. Disney has its own rules. Universal has one. Mount has their own style. A studio’s process is consistent throughout all of its projects. The professionals in charge of production follow the same procedures for each picture. Every film has unique requirements, but in general, how they fund, staff, and execute a film is consistent throughout all of their projects.

Independent films cannot be this organized due to again, budget issues. They have to work with whatever they have. Sometimes, one person does editing, directing, acting, and shooting. The student filmmakers might have to approach their friends, and family members to do a specific job. They might hire some amateur people to be the helper boy in the shoot.


There is a common saying in town: Time is money. Studios have less constraint on money. So they can take months, even years to make a single film. However, independent filmmakers do not have that freedom. Because of low-budget issues, they need to finish their film within a few days. This is why sometimes the quality of the script or choreography can seem compromised.

What to watch

We are not saying that studio films are better or independent films are not good. We are just trying to justify the difference between both them. Being popular or not does not depend on the budget. A big-budget movie may flop whereas an independent cinema may succeed in its path