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The advantages of self-distribution of independent cinema

Filmmakers plot, script, enter prestigious film festivals, raise money through crowdsourcing, shoot proof-of-concept films, develop business plans, construct pitch decks, and pitch in order to make a movie that will be distributed to the general audience. The primary deciding factor between directors and audiences is typically film distribution

In addition to the financial worth of contracts, distribution businesses can be excellent collaborators, allies, and friends. However, they may also restrict your options and attempt to fit your movie into pre-established categories or classifications.

Advantages of self-distribution of independent cinema

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the list of advantages that self-distribution provides.

1. Take in the Tour

Taking your movie on tour is the most grassroots, do-it-yourself way to distribute it. This rock band, film-on-tour storyline, a relic of the golden age of cinema, has made a reappearance in recent years as a fantastic opportunity for filmmakers to interact with audiences and traverse the world. You decide your schedule, agree on screening costs or percentages, and you can even make some extra money by selling DVDs, digital downloads, and t-shirts as you go.

This is a fantastic initial step in distribution that may be a liberating, enjoyable adventure.

2. Instant revenue earning

The length of a distribution cycle is something that many people outside of the sector don’t instantly get about working with distribution companies and agencies. In certain situations, it could take up to 15 years for filmmakers to start seeing a profit from the distribution of their films. Not to mention paying back investors or loans, which is a long time to wait for the fruits of your labor.

When you self-distribute, whether through traveling or online sales, you’ll see financial benefits considerably more quickly, if not right away.

3. Retaining Distribution Rights

You are under no obligation to sell your distribution rights for a duration for which you are not comfortable when opting for self-distribution. Before making any judgments regarding local or international distribution, you can test a few marketplaces to determine what kind of reactions you can anticipate.

4. Promote Your Upcoming Work Perhaps the biggest benefit of self-distributing, if you’re serious about it, is that it enables you to maintain relationships with your audience and grow them for your upcoming film or project. Filmmaking has always been a name-brand business, so if your first or early features are doing well enough to deserve distribution, your best option might be to use their exposure to promote your subsequent work.

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