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The Big Three Production Houses In The United States

The film business is rapidly expanding in the United States. Despite the emergence of Netflix and other internet streaming sites, movie theatre attendance has increased by about 30% since 2010, demonstrating the film industry’s ability to evolve and adapt to ever-changing consumer interests.


This article will look at the big three film studios in the United States based on box office success.


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1. Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal City, California

By annual income, Universal Pictures is the world’s largest film production and film distribution corporation. It was formed in 1912, making it the fourth and eldest film studio in the United State. Throughout its century-long existence, Universal Pictures has released 254 films.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom



2. Warner Bros. Burbank California

ATT’s WarnerMedia division owns Warner Bros, an entertainment and audio-visual company. In addition to being the second-largest movie studio in the United States in terms of box office receipts, it is also the second-largest in terms of total films produced, with 249. The studio is a partner of the Motion Pictures Association and is frequently referred to as one of America’s “Big Five” film studios.


Harry Potter Series

The Dark Knight



3. Columbia Pictures. Los Angeles, California

Sony Pictures, an entirely subsidiary of Sony, a Japanese multinational company, controls Columbia Pictures. The corporation is a member of the “Big Five” American film studios and one of the world’s largest film producers and film distributors. Since its foundation in 1924, the studio has produced a total of 245 films.


Spider-Man: Far From Home






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