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The Future Of Movie: Will OTT take over theatres???

Movies have always been the most desirable option in terms of Entertainment. Can we imagine an outing without a good film; whether it may be hanging out with friends or a date with a partner? But this source of entertainment began to get retarded since the pandemic threatened all around the globe. Over 1600 theatres have been closed permanently due to the Covid-19 pandemic breakout.

But, this was the time when the OTTs took over the entertainment world.  It is not like OTT platforms were not there before but it was the first time when the Over The Top platform flourished tremendously and gained numerous subscriptions.


OTT Platforms or Theatres?  

Now, it’s a debated issue whether OTT will take over theatres or not? To some viewers watching films in theatres, going to film festivals are still the first priority. Again to some viewers, OTT has been an easy and advanced form of watching films. Truly speaking OTTs have much more scopes than theatres in this modernized world. Today’s generation would look for anything which is easily available on the internet. The OTTs provide Streaming Videos on Demand (SVOD), which was already a threat to the theatre world even before the pandemic.

OTTs like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, Disney, etc. are ruling globally. They provide much more services than a movie theatre. Subscribe to any OTT on monthly rental and get access to thousands of films, web series, TV shows, and much more. Moreover, you can watch anything anytime or at any place.  So, overall it is easily accessible and updated than movie theatres.  Now, the choice is yours if you want to buy popcorns standing in a queue or make popcorns yourself and enjoy a movie at your comfortable place.