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The One Skill that Makes an Awesome Filmmaker

Filmmaking is a creative output of a filmmaker’s thought and imagination. Filmmaking needs a lot of hard work and more precisely skill and creativity; it’s an art and art cannot be learned only, one needs to have it within. You cannot just learn a skill unless you are skillful enough; skills can be upgraded not mugged up. Filmmaking demands a skillful person.

A lot of skills are needed to be a good filmmaker but what’s the one thing that makes a filmmaker outstanding? It may vary from person to person, but for me, it’s the capability to tell a story with the camera, which counts the most. The cinematography does a lot, a good cinematographer can state a story without any words. Thus being a good cinematographer one can achieve the heights of uniqueness and attain the label of an awesome filmmaker.

It’s not that the other skills; screenwriting, expertise on the types of equipment of filmmaking, editing, etc; are not required or useless, everything is needed to be a good filmmaker. It’s just if one lacks his skill as a good cinematographer then it will be the same as a lucrative food without a pinch of salt in it.

Kamalika Sarkar