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The online Film Festivals are stealing the show

From the early era of film history, Film Festivals have served a lot to provide the best platform and recognition to Art Films. To date, Independent Filmmakers owe a lot to Film Festivals and receive the maximum of their distribution deals through the festivals themselves. There are thousands of Film Festivals across the world that are running successfully and bringing the deserving filmmaker to the limelight each season. Recently, to cope with the much-advanced era of technology and of course to beat the rage of Covid 19 pandemic media has turned online almost in every aspect. Film Festivals are not excluded from the list.

Online Film Festivals have served filmmakers and film lovers all through this tough time and undoubtedly it has been hassle-free and much easy to manage. Online screening is also much more convenient as compared to offline one. There is no heck of finding a proper venue or arranging the premiere, instead, it’s much easier and compatible on online screening. People can be in their comfortable spaces and still join the screening; the hassle of missing the event due to distance will no more be a heck. It is easy to operate. It cuts the cost of the venue and traveling, hence people can attain the festival at a very reasonable amount. It will bring more audience to the event and the films screened will gain worldwide popularity.

Thus, the digitalization of film festivals proved to be one of the best decisions ever and it can prove to be a monopoly act to conduct Film Festivals through online platforms. No pandemic outbreak or extreme situation can be a cause to cease the event of Film Festivals anymore. The online Film Festivals can be conducted in any situation and at any time.

Kamalika Sarkar

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