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Top Film festivals for Documentary Filmmakers

According to the Britannica website, a Documentary film, is a motion picture that forms and interprets factual information for educational or entertaining reasons. Documentaries have been produced in some form or another in practically every country, and they have made major contributions to the advancement of realism in film. It may sound simple and straightforward, but in actuality, it is not. In these rapidly fast days, showing facts and keeping the audience hooked is quite the task. That’s why these top film festivals honor your passion and dedication with awards and recognition.

Wonderland International Film Festival

A comparatively new, but equally important Wonderland International Film festival is held each year in Australia. It is one of the rapidly growing film festivals in this globe. Their judging panels are spread all over the globe. They have the most knowledgeable people in their judgment panel. It is a unique collaboration of multi-talented writers, film score composers, and filmmakers.

At Wonderland, you may collaborate with other writers, directors, and producers to establish new connections, generate new chances, and develop tools for success in the worldwide film and entertainment business.

Last season this film festival received 100+ film submissions in the documentary category only. So it is safe to say, the Wonderland International film festival could be on top of your list of documentary film festivals for film submission.

True/False Film Festival

The True/False Film Festival takes place over ten days and celebrates documentary films, community participation, and social justice. The festival includes films from across the world as well as seminars for all ages on filmmaking and storytelling.

It is hosted each year in Columbia, Missouri to honor documentary films that promote social change. This film festival features a wide range of documentaries on topics such as environmental challenges, healthcare reform, and even global warming.

Many well-known celebrities have attended this event because they believe in its objective of fostering a better understanding of significant topics via storytelling and interaction with other communities across the world.

Hot Docs

It is the hub for the best documentaries. It is a pleasant place for both- filmmakers and viewers. Among thousands of submissions, they only screen a handful of documentaries at their screening and award them. You can think of this as the Met Gala of documentaries. Not only actors-actresses but also several producers, directors, and writers attend this event.

Hot Docs showcases a wide range of films, including those addressing social justice, universal healthcare, art and culture, the environment, and animal conservation, as well as documentaries about human rights issues such as genocide and human trafficking.


The Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF), a non-governmental organization that has been working in the field of mental health for over 25 years, is attempting to develop healthy attitudes and raise awareness about mental diseases and related concerns through FRAME OF MIND.

If you are a student filmmaker, or just at the start of your career this is the best place to start submitting your documentaries.

The other top film festivals for documentary films are:

· Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival


· “Sochi Film Festival”

· Mumbai Entertainment International Film Festival

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival