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What Are Amateur Film Festivals & How to Find them?

Amateur films are those motion pictures that are made as a hobby primarily and not for business. However, with time amateur filmmakers turned their passion into profession, and continued to make a certain type of film for film festival screening. Prior to the invention of cheap digital cameras, filmmakers used 8mm or 16mm cameras and use cheap or bare minimum equipment to shoot their films.

Top film festivals a few years back started to acknowledge their effort and inaugurated a category called ‘Amateur Films’. They wanted to acknowledge the effort and encourage their passion of story-telling, via making movies.

For an amateur filmmaker its really hard to find appropriate film festivals individually. That’s why we have brought few platforms which is best for amateur film festival searching.

List of amateur film submission platform:


Filmfreeway is one of the biggest film submission platform on internet, consisting over 12000 film festivals from all over the globe. This platform is almost a decade old and counted amongst the most reliable film submission option on a global level. It has almost 300 amateur film festivals in it. Some the notable festivals are:

Ø London Independent International Film Festival

Ø Athens International Film and Video Festival

Ø British International Amateur

World Film Communities Network

World Film Communities Network, also known as WFCN comes under the list of top 10 film submission platform. It is an online destination for the film community to discover, reach and discuss the film festival world. One of the top movie blog websites, jotform included this one in their top 10 film submission platform list. They have close to 550 film festivals in their website. Some of the notable film festivals or amateur films are

Ø Brandenburgh International film festival

Ø NewYork Filmmakers NY

Ø Jaipur International Film Festival


Festhome Provides a platform where the filmmakers can send their works to film festivals from all over the world. Festivals that already work with this platform, including Academy Award, European Film Award, BAFTA, Goya, Méliès d’Or and Cartoon d’Or qualifying festivals, and FIAPP recognized festivals. The Amateur festivals `in this platform are:

Ø Santander International Independent Film Festival

Ø Hispanic International Film Festival



The project of the well-known Spanish distributor Promofest. On the website, there are over 2100 film festivals. There are several European, Spanish, and Latin American festivals. The interface is available in two languages: English and Spanish. The site offers a 10% discount on paid festival application expenses. They are compensated individually. The amateur film festivals in this platform are

Ø Live Screening International Film Festival



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