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You may hear about the Cannes Film Festival, New York Film Festivals and others, but have you given a thought about it? For example, why is this important, both a film maker and a cinema lover? Now, before we jump right into Film Festivals, let us explain a little about films.

Films or moving pictures are one of the best ways to communicate your message to a wide audience through audio-visual medium. It is the best stimulant of anyone’s emotion, it is not only capable of conveying the story, but also it is well capable of bending and effecting peoples’ psyche. Now imagine a place where you can not only enjoy watching a cinema but also explore new ones and broaden up your mind.

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Not just a bunch of movies

If you think that Film Festivals are just a bunch of moving pictures with sound and light, you are wrong. Those days are gone when film festivals used to be not popular, almost on the verge of being boring. For a film maker, it is an opportunity to showcase their talent and work on a huge level and gaining recognition. This festival is an open gateway to have an opportunity to work with various personas. People from all around the globe get to watch your work.  Top Film Festivals does not discriminate between an experienced and novice 

Giving voice to people

When you live in such polarizing worlds, where powerful just dominates the society and hushes the words, cinema and film festivals are the only way to express yourself freely. Cinema is the portrayal of the cultural, political and socio-economical scenarios of that country. At one film festival while watching movies of different countries people get to be aware of that scenario. No leader, no government can control your opinions, formed by such films. Complex news stories, world politics might seem boring to you, but the same story when presented in a flow of story, is bound to get your attraction.

An open platform for brewing conversation

As mentioned before, cinema can make or break one’s perception about a certain country, people, place or even culture. Film Festivals like cannes2021; Hot Docs can be a really good platform to enjoy some head churning movies and have an open conversation about it, with the creators or other audiences. It will be an interesting experience of hearing what people have opinion about a particular film. If you are a filmmaker you must know this, Criticism is the KEY to betterment of work. As a filmmaker, when you get to showcase your work to this huge number of people, and they are talking about it and some maybe criticizing it, then you must take those criticisms in our mind, because they will eventually pave the, way to your success.