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Why do filmmakers use Green Screen?

Making a film is like nurturing a baby; it needs care and patience to frame a film. Filmmakers not only present us with a good story but also exhibit amazing ambiance in particular scenes of a film. Special effects are seen in the case of sci-fi films or super-hero films which attract us so much, but have you ever wondered how all these scenes are shot? Are they real?

This article is an answer to all your questions regarding those VFXs and Special effects in a scene. Those scenes are not real, they are created through technology. Here’s the need for a green screen. Filmmakers shot certain scenes like falling from a high place or accidents or hypothetical characters or violent scenes and so on; with a green screen in the background. A green screen can easily be replaceable while editing and required special effects can be added to those particular scenes. After decades of development, chroma-keying has evolved from a curiosity to an essential component of video and cinema. There have been many landmarks that have advanced this type of visual impact, but none has done it more than The Matrix (1999).

Today technology has developed to the next level and a substitute for a green screen has also been invented; it’s a technique of LED walls. But the green screen will always be remembered due to its uniqueness at an early stage of filmmaking and still are in use in maximum cases.

Kamalika Sarkar