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Why should you submit an independent film via WFCN?

WFCN is a comprehensive platform for all things cinema. From film festivals to filmmakers, we have everything under one roof. It is a massive platform that connects filmmakers with worldwide film festivals. More than a thousand submissions are daily happening on our platform. If you are new, and still don’t understand why WFCN is best forfilm submissions, then read this blog till the end.

Perks of submitting your film via WFCN

Attractive discounts on film submission fees

When most filmmakers are struggling with high submission fees, set by top film festivals, WFCN is a platform that offers top film festivals great discount offers at the same time. Here you can submit to your dream film festival without worrying too much about your pocket.

Earn money from your movie

We are not talking about cash prizes or film distribution– these things are widely available on any platform. However, WFCN offers a sure-shot way to earn money from your independent movieYou can stream and self-distribute your film CANVAS, WFCN’s new addition, and can earn money from each viewing.

Free Work folio

By creating an account at WFCN, you are automatically signing up for a free work folio. There you just have to enter the necessary basic contact details, and your educational qualification, and voila! Once uploading your film, you can build your own portfolio.

Easy social media promotion

It is such a hassle to post individual posts on all social media. Handles, and let’s not talk about managing them at the same time. When you use our platform you can share film posters, behind-the-scenes photos, and many more posts on our social media site and directly share it to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Live chat with your festival

A transparent business policy is our strength. Free Film Groups and pages will be available for all the members. A film submitter can have a live chat with the festival, absolutely free of cost.

These were all reasons to choose WFCN as your film submission platform.

If you are an independent filmmaker, WFCN has the perfect platform for you. Once you are done making your independent movie, you can surf through our 550+ top film festivals and find your niche. We also have CANVAS, a platform for self-distribution. Go and check it out now!

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