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Why WFCN, not others?

Why WFCN? Well to know the answer to this “why” we must know the answer of “what” at first. Now, what is WFCN? So, WFCN; this abbreviation stands for World Film Communities Network. The World Film Communities Network is a platform that welcomes independent Filmmakers and Film Festivals from all across the world. This platform aims at connecting all the aspiring film buffs to the best persons of the industry so that the budding talents can step into the world of fame.

Now it’s time to answer today’s topic. Why should one go for WFCN and not other platforms? Well, first of all, WFCN is absolutely FREE for its subscribers. Yes, you heard it right, in today’s world where nothing comes for free; WFCN provides free submission to its festival submitters. Moreover, filmmakers or other professionals can create their free digital profiles and can connect to the community of film professionals through our database. The Festivals can create their own social page and promote their festival to anyone around the world.  Moreover, our platform also promotes festivals publicly from our end.

WFCN is a one-stop solution for your film business and that’s why WFCN is unique. Association with WFCN will definitely enhance your scope to the World of Cinema in all aspects. So, without any further delay get started with us today.

Kamalika Sarkar