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Will Film Festivals ever rule the world?

The world seems to have come to a stop after the covid 19 pandemic; life has been confined to indoors mostly. Shopping malls, Movie theatres, schools, and colleges everything is closed down. But everything has found a way to continue its journey, and the online programs have made it possible all the way.  The schools and colleges are running through online operations; office employees are made to work from home. But the movie theatres have no options to run, but that doesn’t mean that the film lovers are missing their source of entertainment.

The Over the Top platform has made it accessible for everyone to watch movies from wherever and whenever they want. And one more thing has found its way to fit in this post covid era of survival and that’s none other than the Film Festivals. Nothing could have been able to stop the festival curators from organizing and successfully running the Film Festivals. They have found their way to run the event and yes they have very beautifully organized the events on online platforms. Moreover, they have even influenced the filmmakers to finish their postponed work and release their movies that were delayed due to pandemics and the filmmakers were losing hope that they could not make a comeback ever.

With the urge to get showcased and achieve recognition, the filmmakers with full encouragement and support from the festival team are moving forward with their new projects. Thus the Film Festivals are helping the world to keep the entertainment media alive with their promise to make it reachable to the masses. Film Festivals are actually ruling the heart of millions of film lovers and filmmakers to keep their dream and creativity alive.

Kamalika Sarkar