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Will the third wave knock down the film market once again?

The entire world is again facing a threat from the Covid 19 pandemic and this time the threat is much stronger. The third wave of pandemics is making the world suffer a lot and turning the world into a deathbed. In this intense situation where life has almost come to a stop every profession and every industry is facing a downfall. The film industry has already suffered a lot in the past two years. And now the third wave with its emergence has brought the biggest threat to the world.

The possibility of the film industry getting shattered once again is much affirmative. But the emerging OTT platforms have acted as a rescue to the film industry. Though the making of films is getting tougher in this pandemic situation yet releasing them on OTT had at least have one positive sign that it can reach a larger audience. The internet is acting as a boon to life as people are at least trying to make things go normal only through that. Schools, colleges, and offices are getting conducted online and that is true to the film industry as well. Even Film Festivals are also getting screened online.

The covid 19 pandemic is undoubtedly the biggest threat to mankind yet men have learned to cope up with every situation and even if things may not get back to their previous place people are trying their best to keep their daily life going on.

Kamalika Sarkar