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Women Filmmakers are leaving their mark everywhere

This world was never a favorable place for the women; but after an age-long deprivation and negligence the woman has learned to fight for their rights, they learned to make room for themselves in this patriarch world. Today women are everywhere; they are entrepreneurs, they are pilots, they are police, they are army and even they are filmmakers. On this 47th International Women’s day, we are looking forward to the contribution of women filmmakers in Independent Movies.

Hollywood has accepted the contribution of women filmmakers long ago. But the Indian filmmakers are also not far away from this race. The modern cinema is much promising with the presence of women filmmakers like Aparna Sen; who started her journey as a filmmaker back in 1981 with the much-appraised film 36 Chowringhee Lane; many more women filmmakers are on the row other than her, some of them are Mira Nair, Deepa Mehta, and Sai Pranjpye.

It is an honor to state that in 2017 the only Indian entry to Cannes was a woman filmmaker; Payal Kapadia. Her 13-minute short film, Afternoon Clouds, was the first film that was selected in the Cinefondation section from India. Thus, women filmmakers are really stealing the show these days. And it’s a pride for all the women today that our society is looking forward to the progress of womanhood.

Kamalika Sarkar