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Worried about your Film Business?

Hello, all filmmakers are you all worried about your film business? Here’s the solution to your problem. Counting this pandemic situation every business is facing loss; so is the film business. The shutdown of movie theatres has led the film industry to the biggest threat ever. But everything has to go on as the wheel of life does not stop for anyone. With this urge to continue life and livelihood mankind keeps on inventing new ideas to keep life going on. One such invention is the internet. It has proved to be a boon since its invention and now in this post, covid era internet is the only way to continue daily lives. Schools, colleges, offices everything is getting g conducted from home only through internet.

The Film market is not left behind in this race; launching different OTT platforms led the film business to regain its place at least to some extent. But only watching films on OTT is not enough for running the film business; promotion of indie movies and recognition through film festivals is also a crucial part of this business. It was then that platforms like World Film Communities Network came up with their unique features. This platform built a strong connection between Independent Filmmakers and Film Festivals; so that the filmmakers can promote their films and get recognition through this online platform.

This does not end here; WFCN has recently come up with its OTT platform where filmmakers can enlist their film and reach out to a larger audience besides earning from their Ad based VOD. So, the filmmakers and festival curators who want to enhance their business can undoubtedly enter the WFCN family and get all the benefits to grow their business.

Kamalika Sarkar

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